1. TV Programmes

Date                         Topic                Place
01.10.1989 Tissue Transplantation TV channel 9
24.02.199 Five year Anniversary of Bangkok Biomaterial Center TV Channel 9
28.06.1992 Deformity Correction with Allografts TV Channel 9
12.11.1994 Ten year Anniversary of Tissue Bank in Thailand TV Channel 9
23.04.1995 New Era of Bone and Tissue Transplantation TV Channel 9
21.01.1996 Bone Allograft Applications TV Channel 9
22.12.1996 Bone Allograft usage in Revision Total Hip Replacement TV Channel 9
19.12.1997 Call for Public Support in Tissue Donation Radio Programme
11.01.1998 Innovation of Bone & Tissue Allograft Surgery TV Channel 9
05.02.1998 Tissue Banking for Public Information TV Channel 11
15.03.1998 Tissue Donation-Small World Programme TV Channel 3
08.06.1998 Bone Transplantation-Women Programme TV Channel 9
11.07.1998 Bone from dead to live TV Channel 11
27.07.1998 Tissue Donation promotion special programme TV Channel 11
16.11.1998 Morning Chat Show-Mayura: Use of allograft in Surgery TV Channel 3
26.01.1999 Banking of Human Tissues-Variety Show ITV




Topic                Place
01.03.1994 Bone Allograft Surgery Thawaranukun School, Samuth Songkhram, Thailand
09.05.1994 Human Tissue Banking Rotary Club Dusit, Bangkok
24.12.1994 Ten Years of Tissue Banking Rotary Club Pinklao, Bangkok
06.05.1995 Ten Years of Tissue Banking Rotary Club West Thonburi, Bangkok
17.07.1998 Human Tissue Allograft for Surgery Buddhist Priest University, Bangkok
21.07.1998 From lives return to Live Rotary Club Bangkhen, Bangkok
14.09.1998 Human Tissue Banking Rotary Club Don Muang, Bangkok
13.10.1998 Human Tissue Banking Rotary Club Samut Prakan, Thailand
20.10.1998 Tissue Donation & Scouting Rotary Club West Thonburi, Bangkok
10.11.1998 Bone Dieases and Problems Rotary Club Prapoklao, Bangkok



Date                     Topic                      Place
03.07.1995 Ten years of Tissue Banking in Thailand Orthopaedic Residents, Siriraj Hospital, Bangkok
07.03.1996 Ten years of Tissue Banking Annual Meeting of Faculty of Medicine, Siriraj Hospital, Bangkok
11.03.1998 Allograft Transplantion & Tissue Banking Faculty of Medicine, Kota Baru, Malaysia
29.05.1998 Tissue processing of Mandible Allograft Dept of Surgery, Chulalongkorn University Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand
01.09.1998 Soft Tissue Allograft degradation Technology Insittute University, Latkabang, Thailand



Date                    Topic                                                                    Place
07-10.12.1990 5 Year Aniversary of Bangkok Biomaterial Center Mabunkrong Shopping Center, Bangkok
13-15.01.1994 10 Year Anniversary of Bangkok Biomaterial Center Pata Shopping Mall, Bangkok
12.09.1998 Tissue Donation Camp Government House, Bangkok
09-11.10.1998 Tissue Donation Campaign Wat Praknam, Bangkok



Date                     Topic          Place
18.12.1979 Campaign for Tissue Donation from next of kin Bangkok Post,Thairat Khaosot
22.12.1997 Christmas Season Tissue Donation Video Tape
23.12.1997 Interview:Movie Star-Presenter of Tissue donation Video Tape
04.01.1998 Activity of Tissue Bank Bangkok Post
April 1998 Bone from the dead for Surgery of the living Diehan-Lady magazine vol 504
06.05.1998 Need for Tissue Donation-Bone Allograft Bangkok Post
12.07.1998 Tissue Bank Activites Matiehon News paper
Oct 1998 Profile and activity of Tissue Bank Kinnare, Thai Airways in-flight magazine



Date                          Topic            Place
17-18.09.1994 First Seminar of Bangkok Biomaterial Center Woodland Rsort, Pattay, Thailand
04-05.11.1995 Second Seminar of Bangkok Biomaterial Center Silver Beach Hotel, Rayong, Thailand
08-09.03.1997 Third Seminar of Bangkok Biomaterial Center Marine Airbase, Sathahip, Thailand
27-28.12.1997 Volunteer Tissue Donor Co-ordinator Siriraj Hospital, Bangkok
06-07.06.1998 Fourth Seminar of Bangkok Biomaterial Center Golden Sands Hotel, Petchburi, Thailand