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The Bangkok Biomaterial Center has the following OBJECTIVES:


To research and develop the technology of tissue banking in Thailand.


To supply human tissue Allograft free of cost in Thailand for clinical use and to neighboring countries in the region on request.


To be the National and Regional Tissue Bank Training Center for personals of tissue bank namely Surgeons, scientist, technician for higher education such as postgraduate study, master degree Programme.


To exchange tissue and personnel among other tissue banks and function as a secretarial office of The Asia Pacific Association of Surgical  Tissue Banking (APASTB).


To have an International standard Journal which will become a source for the scientific community for presenting and referencing to the recent advances in the subject of Surgical Tissues and Allografts.


To be the official publication center for the Journal of Bone and Tissue Allograft.


To publish the research works and results of all the surgeons in Thailand and the rest of the World on the subjects relating to the Surgical Application of Tissues & Allografts.


To publish the research and results of surgeons and Institutes all over the world engaged in the study, research and application of Surgical Tissues and Allografts.


To become a medium for the dissemination of scientific knowledge in the subject of Surgical Tissues and Allografts, catering without any impartiality, Pre-Judice and Sub-Judice to the World community of Surgeons, Medical Students, Medical Researchers, Medical and Para-Medical Institutes, Health Organizations, Voluntary Organizations and the common people in general.


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