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3rd floor of lottery building covering an area of 601 square meters. The Center has two laboratories covering an area of 74.6 square meters for the processing of bone and soft tissues. The Center also has one laboratory for cell culture laboratory with clean air and laminar air-flow facility. There is an area of 100 square meters allocated for pre-processing and post-processing quarantines with liquid nitrogen battery back-up. There is a conference-cum meeting room with an area of 40.6 square meters and a student teaching room with an area of 36.8 square meters. Apart from the directors office there is a front office and a scientific staff office. There is a separate documentation room, a staff recreation and a pantry room. There is a library room (65.8 square meters) for students and an Orthopaedic museum - area 62.5 square meters.

The Bangkok Biomaterial Center will be relocated in the year 2001 from its present location to a new location, which is at:

14th & 15th Floor, Chalerm Prakiat Building

Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University

Prannok Road, Bangkok 10700, Thailand


The new location is expected to be in a total area of 3094 Square meters covering two floors and there will be more space for better infrastructure setup and scope for development.

Please see Annexture-II consisting of the plan outlay for the new location of Bangkok Biomaterial Center.

The Center is fully equipped with the latest equipment and Instruments to meet the demands of Allograft procurement, processing, storage, distribution, documentation, public and professional awareness.

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          Artists view of the under construction Charlem Prakiat Building