Welcome to the Bangkok Biomaterial Allograft Request Page. We are please to see you here looking for placing your allograft request or find details about it.

If you want to request bone allograft please follow the following instructions:

  • Fill detail of the patient and operation date in Graft Request Form send it to us 1 week before surgery. The form can be sent by email, post or fax. The form must be properly filled up with maximum possible information and duly signed by the responsible surgeon.

  • X-ray film or drawing of patient affected part and its opposite part also.

  • After the surgery is over, please fill data in the Recipient Form for follow up and sent it back to Bangkok Biomaterial Center by email or post or fax. Please note that you should provide us with the maximum possible information in order for us to maintian our standard statistics of clinical application of allografts.


The forms are in the MS Word 97 Format and should be downloaded for filling up and send back by email, post or fax.