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As per the theory of three triangles, which states that all the three angles of the tissue banking triangle should develop equally in order to maintain equillibrium. If any of the angle increases i.e either develops or the other two angles are neglected, then there will be an imbalance in the equilibrium. In the last 10 years at the Bangkok Biomaterial Center, the number of users have increaesd manifold. Thanks to the professional awareness programmes, that the Center has a user base of more than 250 surgeons from various disciplines of medicine, spread across the country. Due to increase in the user base the number of allograft applications has also increased. Despite all out efforts of the Center by utilizing every source of media for volunteer tissue donor, still the number of volunteer donors is not sufficient, so as to have a steady supply of tissue allografts to meet the increasing demand of supply. It must be noted that until the volunteer tissue donor base is not very braod, the probability of steady donation will be very low. The Bangkok Biomaterial Center under the guidance of Prof. Yongyudh Vajaradul, has commenced with a novel idea i.e utilizing student power for recruiting volunteer tissue donor. The project has been flagged off on the 12th of September 2000 and is called as “Ambassador of Tissue Donation” project.


To educate Secondary and High School students about tissue banking.

To inclucate the idea and imporatance of tissue donation.

To propagate the message of tissue donation.

To recruit young tissue donor volunteers.

To spread the tissue donation publicity using student power.



Utilize the summer and rainy season holidays of school childern for a short 2 weeks capsule course on tissue banking, tissue donation and public awareness campaigns.

Curriculum: A special curriculum is under design at the Center for the short capsule course.

Promotion Scheme: The students undergoing short capsule course will be designated as Tissue Donor Represen tatives (TDR). There is a very attractive promotion scheme designed for these reps to become the Ambassador of Tissue Donation. On the attainment of the above tittle there is attractive awards from respected distinguished personalities of Thailand.

Follow-up action plan : To have a vigorus follow-up plan of action in the schools after the short term capsule course, so as to reap the maximum benefits. Plans are to deliver AV presentations and organize competetion games etc in order to keep the pace and momentum of the movement responsive.



The first batch is scheduled to be started in March 2001 and the 2nd batch is scheduled to start in September 2000. After that regular 2 batches per years shall be held every year.





Mr. Worawech Pirawat : young student Co-ordinator for the

Ambassador of Tissue Donation Project


A High school student Mr. Voravet has come forward to be the volunteer in formulating and implimenting the phases of this project. This young man is himself a student and scout. We are glad to include a picture of our young student representative.


The whole project on a 5 year terms is on a budget of Thai Baht 300,000/- (US $ 8,000/-).


From the first 2 batch a total 80 students shall be be given the training under the short capsule course. It is expected that these each of the 80 TDR shall be able to recruit 100 Tissue Donation Volunteer (TDV) and 10 Volunteer Tissue Donors (VTD) in a year. Therefore there shall be a total of 800 TDV and 8000 VTD at the end of 1 year. If the project is running in good health, then at the end of 5 years there shall be 4000 TDV and 40,000 VTD. By this way, the there will be a broad base of Volunteer Tissue Donors and more probability of donated tissues for the tissue bank to survive.


Course Duration: 2 weeks

Course Frequency: 2 times per year