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In 1985, during a meeting of the Western Pacific Orthopaedic Association (WPOA) in Bangkok, Thailand, Dr. Yongyudh Vajaradul together with Dr. Alain Patel (France) and Dr. Norberto R. Agcaoili (Philippines) invited a group of orthopaedic surgeons with special interest in tissue banking to organize the Pan Asiatic Tissue Banking project. They formed this association to promote the establishment of tissue banks in member countries, to encourage research on tissue banking and to promote scientific and social interaction among its members. The office of the secretariat was to be at the Biomaterial Laboratory at Siriraj hospital under Dr. Vajaradul.

In 1987, a World Locomotors Tissue Bank meeting was held in Marseilles, France, organized by Prof. Poitout. Dr. Moritoshi Itoman (Japan) attended this meeting together with Dr. Vajaradul. After a year (1988), the third meeting of the World Locomotors Tissue Bank was held at the Ambassador Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand. There were about 200 participants from Europe and Asia Pacific. In attendance during that meeting was Prof. Yamamuro of Kyoto, Japan. In that meeting it was decided that the Pan Asiatic Tissue Association be renamed the Asia-Pacific Association of Surgical Tissue Banking (APASTB). It was then decided that the founding members of Pan Asiatic Tissue Bank be made also as the founding members of the APASTB together with all those present during that meeting on 27 October 1988. Appointed as office bearers was Dr. Yongyudh Vajaradul (Thailand) as President, Dr. Aziz Nather, Dr. Jiun Jer Wu (Taiwan) and Dr. Moritoshi Itoman as first, second and third Vice President respectively. Dr. Sommart Keorochana (Thailand) was also appointed Treasurer. Among the council members were Dr. Sun Shiquan (China) and Dr. R. Oareshott (Australia). The representatives from the Philippines ' Malaysia and other countries were to be finalized during the inaugural meeting of the APASTB in conjunction with the Eight Joint Congress of the Asian and Pacific Federations of the International College of Surgeons on November 14, 1989 at the Central Plaza Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand.

Dr. Aziz Nather in Singapore organized the second annual meeting of the APASTB in 1990. He was also elected as the next President of the APASTB that year for a period of 2 years (1990-1992). In 1991, the third annual meeting was held in Tokyo, Japan with Dr. Moritoshi Itoman as chairman of the organising committee. During that meeting a good number of scientific papers were presented, not only from the Asia Pacific region but also from the United States and Europe. The logo of the Association, designed by Prof. Itoman was then presented and approved by the body.

In 1991, the 3rd APASTB annual meeting was held in Tokyo, Japan under the chairmanship of Prof. Moritoshi Itoman who was elected as the President for the term (1991-1992).

In 1992, the 4th  annual meeting of the APASTB (4th) was held in August in Manila, Philippines. Dr. Norberto R. Agcaoili (Philippines) organized this meeting. At this time Dr Moritoshi Itoman was elected President for the next 2 years (1992-1994). It was then decided during this meeting that the Association meet bi-annually instead of annually to give more time to prepare for more scientific papers among its members. The lifetime membership fee was reduced to $ 100 resulting in increasing membership and collection.

The 5th APASTB was held in Suzhou, China, organized by Dr. Sun Shiquan and Tang Zhongyi, In this meeting, representatives of the European Association of Tissue Banks (EATB) joined the APASTB. The International Atomic Energy Agency also organized a Regional Co-operative Agreement (RCA) for the drafting of a training manual Distance Learning Program on Tissue banking. Dr. Rudiger Von Versen, Dr. Winkler of Austria and Dr. Sallai of Israel represented EATB. Unfortunately the expected participation of representatives from the American Association of Tissue banks (AATB) did not materialize. During that meeting Dr. Norberto R. Agcaoili was inaugurated as the 4th President of the Association.

Dr. David Morgan of Australia, the 2nd Vice President was asked to be chairman of the Organising Committee for the 6th APASTB meeting, which was held at Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. This 6th meeting was held in co-operation with EATB and AATB to form the first World Congress of Tissue Banks. This historical event happened on 3rd October 1996 at the Marriott Hotel, Gold Coast, Australia. Dr. Sun Shiquan (China) was elected as the 5th President of APASTB.

The 7th APASTB Conference was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 24 -, 26 November 1998, Dr. Hashim Mohammed was tasked as the chairman of the Organising Committee. The Conference was jointly organized under the Malaysian Institute for Nuclear Technology Research (MINT), APASTB, IAEA, Malaysian Ministry of Health and Malaysian National Tissue Bank. Dr. David Morgan from Australia was elected as the 8th President of APASTB.

Dr. Abdurrahman from Indonesia the 2 2nd Vice-President was tasked to be the chairman of the Organising Committee for the 8th APASTB Conference held in Bali, Indonesia. The Conference was held at Kartika Plaza Hotel, Tuban- Bali, Indonesia from 22 24 October 2000

All these meetings of the APASTB were in effect supported by the International Atomic Energy Agency by also having Agency sponsored Regional co-operative agreement (RCA) meetings represented by countries from the region. Dr. Ramen Mukherjee, the former Section Head of Applied Radiation Biology and Radiotherapy of IAEA was very Instrumental in organising these meetings. He was awarded the first honorary membership of APASTB during the 5th meeting in Suzhou, China

The APASTB recognizes Prof. Glyn Phillips of Clywd and Oswestry Tissue Banks together with Dr. Mukherjee as the moving spirits behind the organization without whose help many of the projects would not have materialized. Prof. Glyn Phillips was awarded the second honorary membership of APASTB during the 8th meeting in Bali.

At present, these are 163 members (life and year) of the APASTB. They are composed not only of the medical but also paramedical members, scientists coming from the Asia-Pacific, Europe and the United States.



                        PRESIDENTS OF APASTB

Dr. Yongyudh VAJARADUL Thailand 1988-1990
Dr. Aziz NATHER Singapore 1990-1992
Dr. Moritoshi ITOMAN Japan 1992-199
Dr. Norberto AGCAOILI Philippines 1994-1996
Dr. SUN Shi Quan China 1996-1998
Dr. David MORGAN Australia 1998-2000



                                                   Inaugural Chairman

First Thailand 1989 Dr. Yongyudh VAJARADUL
Second Singapore Dr. Aziz NATHER
Third Japan 1991 Dr. Moritoshi ITOMAN
Fourth Philippines 1992 Dr. Norberto AGCAOILI
Fifth China 1994 Dr. TANG Zhong Yi
Sixth Australia 1996 Dr. David MORGAN
Seventh Malaysia 1998 Dr. Hashim MOHAMAD
Eight Indonesia 2000 Dr. ABDURRAHMAN



Past President Dr. David MORGAN Australia
President Dr. Hashim MOHAMAD Malaysia
First Vice-President Dr. ABDURRAHMAN Indonesia
Second Vice-President Dr. CHANG Joon Yim Korea
Secretary Dr. Nazly HILMY Indonesia
Treasurer Dr. Norimah YUSOF Malaysia

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This photo was taken during the WPOA meeting in Bangkok there was a round table meeting held to finalize the foundation of the Pan Asiatic Tissue Bank Association.