Constitution and By-Laws


Article I : Name

    The name of the organization shall be "Asia-Pacific Association of Surgical Tissue Banking, also named as A.P.A.S.T.B."


Article II : Headquarters

    The headquarters of the association shall be at the institution where the elected president of the association holds his office, but the secretariat office shall be at the Bangkok Biomaterial Centre, Siriraj Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand for the next 5 years until the election of the next secretary-general of the association at whose institution shall the secretariat office be transferred.

Article III : Objectives

    A.  The Association aims to promote the establishment of tissue bank institutions of the member countries, to encourage research for the advancement of tissue processing, storage and utilization in the field of medicine and to promote scientific and social interactions among members of the association through symposia and or publications.

    B. Specific Objectives :

        1. To provide technical. material and financial assistance to all member countries / institutions which plan to establish their own tissue bank.

        2. To provide updates in the trend of tissue bank operation and management by regular new letters, journals or other publications.

        3. To hold regular scientific symposia, workshops, meetings aimed at promoting research and providing occasions for the presentation of outstanding research work and and giving recognition to deserving research works in the field of tissue banking.

        4. To promote the development and exchange of scientific, technical and practical information among members who will assist the members and others in their research works related tissue banking

        5. To also promote the research and clinical uses of tissue substitutes.

Article IV : Membership

    There shall be 5 general classes of membership: Honorary Founding members, Founding  members, Ordinary members, Associate members and Honorary members.

    1. Honorary Founding members are those outstanding individuals who initiated the formation of this association. An  Honorary Founding members carries no voting privilege.

    2. Founding  members those who participated in the initial organization of this association in Bangkok in 1985 and also all those who represented their countries in the formation of this association in Bangkok in October 1988

    3. Ordinary members consists of surgeons, research scientists and medical practitioners involved in the research, development, production, utilization and operation of tissue bank, who must satisfy the following prerequisites for this membership status.

        a. He or she must be recommended by at least two ordinary members.

        b. His or her application must be endorsed by the Board of Council member.

        c. He or she must have contribution (scientific knowledge, technical or medical) in research and development of tissue banking and is still engaged in the same activities.

        d.This membership entitles the member with one voting privilege.

    4. Associate members  are para-medical staff, nurses, technicians and others who work in the field of tissue banking. An associate member has no voting right

    5. Honorary members are individuals who have contributed internationally outstanding scientific work or case promoted the case for the development of tissue banking in the region or world,  produced excellent research for the advancement of tissue banking and related activities. Such a member can only be appointed if approved by the Board of Council Member.

Article V : Membership Dues

    All founding members and ordinary members shall pay a membership fee of US$ 30.00, or its equivalent, per annum and an associate member US$ 15.00 or its equivalent unless modified by the Board of Council Members. Honorary Founding members and Honorary members are exempted from paying membership fees. Life membership will be bestowed upon ordinary members who would like to pay US$ 30.00

Article VI : Office-Bearers

A. Board of Council Members

B. Duties and Responsibilities of the Officer-Bearers

1. The President :


2. The Vice Presidents


3. The Secretary / General


Article VII : Meetings

Article VIII : Voting

As mentioned in the Article on Membership, every ordinary or founding member present shall have one vote provided he or she has paid all his or her membership dues up to the year of election


Article IX : Quorum

At least one-third of the Council Member present shall constitute a quorum for the conduct of the meeting of the Board of Council Member


Article X : Amendments of the Constitution

This can only be made by a meeting of the General Body Membership (GBM) with a quorum of at least two-third of all members of the association