20TH February 2001


Case Details

Patient Name      : Mr. P.M

Age                     : 32 years

Diagnosis             : Failed THA left hip

Date of Surgery  : 20th February 2001

Operative Details: Revision of Acetabulum Lt Hip with Allograft.

Surgeon Name    : Dr. PAIROJ WARACHIT

Hatyai Hospital

Tel: 044-230800-1

Mobile: 01-8964198

Email: ,

Demonstrating Surgeon: Prof. Dr. med. YONGYUDH VAJARADUL

Type of Allograft : Deep Frozen Femoral Heads - 2 Nos

Documentation: Mrs. Thanyawan Aresanasuwan



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Fig 1: Pre-Operative X-ray of the patient showing Total Hip Arthroplasty failure

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Fig 2: Intra-Operative Approach to the lossening prosthesis showing the prosthesis femoral head and plastic part  of Acetabular Cup   

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Fig 3: Removal of the loosening acetabular component, showing the cavity defect with the stem of the prosthesis still intact. Neck of the prosthesis is clearly visible

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Fig 4: The reamed femoral head allograft being applied to reconstruct the acetabulam

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Fig 5: Deep frozen femoral head allografts  being soaked in normal saline for cleaning purpose before being applied

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Fig 6: Femoral Head being scraped to take out the articular cartilage with the help of bone mill

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Fig 7: Femoral head allograft after cleaning. The small piece was morselized and the big piece was shaped to fit in the cavity and temporary fixed with 3 K-Wires. Then the acetabulum was reamed with a Number 48 reamer. The reinforcement ring was placed in the cavity with morsellized bone to adapt the shape. The prosthesis was fixed to the illieum by cancellous screws. The prosthesis was fixed with bone cement.

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Fig 8: Post-Operative View of the X-ray indcates stable hip after the test on the table. Flexion 90 degrees and extension 20 degrees without dislocation. No leg length discrepency noted.

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Fig 9: Lunch and discussion after the surgery. The operative time was 4 hours.