Overseas Lecturer (IAEA Expert Mission)



The Bangkok Biomaterial Center had requested the International Atomic Energy Agency vide its letter dated 12.04.1999 for the recruitment and assistance of international experts for delivering lectures on advance topics of Tissue Banking. One of these experts requested by the center to the Agency was Dr. Norberto R. Agcaoili, Chairman – Department of Orthopaedics, University of Philippines General Hospital, Manila, PHILIPPINES. The agency, vide its letter no RAS/7/008-14 dated 09.11.1999 and 07.03.2000 informed the Center about the submission of Dr. Agcaoili as an expert lecturer. Accordingly the visit was finalized from 12th – 18th March 2000.


1. Tissue banking general principles

2. Tissue banking in the Philippines

3. Tissue procurement

4. Processing of bone tissues

5. Allografts in orthopedic surgery

6. Allografts in bone tumor surgery


Observer for the Mini Research Study of IAEA Fellow Mr. K. R. SUNANDA of Sri Lanka

Dr. Agcaoili was kind enough to be the observer of the Mini Research Study “Effect of single and double irradiation on the compression strength of bone allograft” conducted by Mr. K.R. Sunanda under the supervision of Prof. Yongyudh Vajaradul, Course Director. There was a visit to King Mongkut Institute of Technology (Thailand’s Premier Engineering Institute) to conducyt mechanical testing study on the allografts.


Evaluator for Mini Research Study Proposals of Mr. Mamun Miah and Mr. K.R. Sunanda, IAEA fellows from Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Dr. Agcaoili had also performed the role of IAEA Expert by discussion and evaluation of Mini Research Studies of the IAEA fellows. This study is in being conducted independently by the fellows as a part of their Advance Training Course, under the supervision of Prof. Yongyudh Vajaradul.


CONCLUSION: The wisdom with respect to advance topics in tissue banking especially in the allograft application surgery gained from the visit of Dr. Agcaoili was immense. His demonstration of clinical results of allograft application was a vast resource of experience based information. The visit helped the Master Degree students and the Center’s scientists, technicians to learn advance subjects of Radiation Sterilization in Tissue Banking.

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Prof. Yongyudh and Dr. Agcaoili visit to meet the president of                      Dr. Agcaoili listening to the presentation of Dr. Somyos Kunachak at Ramathibodi

Mahidol University for discussion on the progress of Master Degree course                              hospital                        



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              Mr. Mamun IAEA fellow conducting the compression                     Dr. Agcaoili with Prof. Yongyudh, IAEA fellows and staff

      test study ay KMIT during the visit of Dr. Agcaoili                              of BBC at the end of mission