Overseas Lecturer (IAEA Expert Mission)



Dr Barbara Wilke’s visit to BANGKOK BIOMATERIAL CENTER (BBC) was a result of long efforts made by the Center towards establishing and set up of a multipurpose Cell Culture Laboratory in the center with the support of the INTERNATIONAL ATOMIC ENERGY AGENCY (IAEA). The Center has been working in conjunction with the IAEA since 1995 on this project (RCA/IAEA/THA/0/006-05). A milestone was achieved in this regard in 1998, when the Agency sent Prof. Rudiger Von Verson (Director- German Institute of Cell and Tissue Replacement, Berlin, Germany) as an expert to initiate the process of setting up the cell culture laboratory. During this visit it was felt that the Center needed the expertise of an expert to teach the techniques of cell culture to the scientists and technicians of the Center. It was also agreed that the Center needed support of the Agency for time to time visit by experts to oversee the progress and imparting advance training and technological know-how to the staffs of the Center. After the visit of a preliminary list of equipment and instruments required by the Center for an efficient set up was sent to Prof. Von Verson for his kind perusal and recommendation to the Agency.


In April 1999, IAEA intimated the center about the possibility of an expert visit by Dr. Barbara Wilke for the purpose of training scientists and technicians on keratinocyte cell culture. It was also intended that Dr. Wilke with her vast experience in the field of keratinocyte cell culture would be able to guide the Center in setting up of the Lab. BBC welcomed the Agency’s proposal, and after a hectic time schedule accommodation, the visit of Dr Wilke was made into a reality on 23rd May 1999.




1) To establish the cell culture laboratory and try to make the method useful for clinical applictions.

2) To set up a model tissue culture lab for service, teaching and training purpose.

3) To fulfil the need for RCA/IAEA in the aspect of Advance Training Programme in the region for

tissue bank operators.

4) Advance training center for BANGKOK BIOMATERIAL CENTER, Mahidol University to teach

cell culture as part of curriculum in the Master Degree Programme (IAEA/325-RAS/7/008).

5) To establish the network of cell culture laboratory and users in Thailand.


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Fellows attending expert lecture                   Prof. Yongyudh looking into the microscope while Dr. Wilke ,

                                                                         Dr. Nares and fellows look on.


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Dr. Barbara Wilke delivering lecture                   Prof. Yongyudh giving the momento to Dr. Barbara Wilke while Dr. Chaweewan appreciate