Overseas Lecturer (IAEA Epert Mission)



The Bangkok Biomaterial center had requested the International Atomic Energy Agency vide its letter dated 12.04.1999 for the recruitment and assistance of International experts for delivering lectures on advance topics in Tissue Banking. One of these experts requested by the center to the Agency was Dr. Nazly Hilmy, Manager _ BATAN Research Tissue Bank, Jakarta, INDONESIA. The agency, vide its letter no RAS/7/008-15 dated 12.05.2000 and 18.05.2000 informed the Center about submission of Dr. Hilmy as an expert lecturer. Accordingly the visit was finalized from 18th _ 24th June 2000.


1. Importance of quality system and implementation of QA in tissue banking

2. Advances radiation sterilization techniques in biological tissues.

3. Techniques in conducting research studies (Amniotic Membrane)

4. Validation of radiation sterilization dose according to ISO 13409

5. Bioburden determination for tissues according to ISO 11737-1

CONCLUSION: The information with respect to advance topics in tissue banking especially in human tissue allograft irradiation and research methodology (Amniotic Membrane Model) gained from the visit of Dr. Hilmy was immense. Her demonstration of techniques and essential requirements for conducting of researches was a vital and vast resource of information and experience. The visit helped Advance Training Course cum Master Degree students and the Center's scientists, technicians to learn the advance subjects of Radiation Sterilization in Tissue Banking. The visit of Dr. Hilmy also helped in discussing about the research thesis topics for the IAEA fellows. The Center is very grateful to IAEA and Dr. Hilmy for all the help and co-operation in dissemination of knowledge.

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Dr. Nazly Hilmy delivering lecture to the IAEA fellows             IAEA fellow participate in the supply of allograft under the experienced

                                                                                         observation of Prof. Yongyudh being witnessed by Dr. Hilmy