Overseas Lecturer (IAEA Expert Mission)

Dr. Mike Strong


One of the unique features of the Master Degree Programme is that the Faculty consists of expert lecturers working in the advance field of tissue banking from all over the world. The center had requested the Agency vide its letter dated 12.04.1999 for the recruitment and assistance of International experts to deliver lectures on advance topics of tissue banking. One of these experts requested was Dr. Douglas Michael Strong, Director of North West Tissue Center and Puget Sound Blood Center, Seattle, USA. The agency vide its letter no: RAS/7/008-08-01 dated 10.08.1999 informed the Center about the submission of Dr. Strong as an expert lecturer. Accordingly the visit was finalized from 27th 30th September 1999.

Lecture topics of Dr. Mike Strong

1. Cryopreservation of tissues

2. Heart valve banking

3. Freeze drying of tissues

4. Tissue irradiation

5. Infectious disease transmission and quality control

CONCLUSION: The wisdom with respect to advance topics in tissue banking gained from the visit of Dr Mike Strong was immense and cannot be described in simple words. The visit helped the center, its scientists, technicians and the Master Degree students to learn advance subjects of tissue banking in depth and details. This confidence in itself is a landmark in the setting up of the first course. The Center is thankful to IAEA and Dr. Mike Strong for all the help, co-operation and in the dissemination of knowledge.


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Dr. Mike Strong and Prof. Yongyudh hand the diploma .                     Prof. Yongyudh and Dr. Strong present the diploma certificate to

certificate to Dr. Khuat Duay Thai, IAEA  fellows                               Mr. Mohd Rodzi Ali IAEA fellow


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Prof. Yongyudh and Dr. Strong give the momento to                          Dr. Strong delivering lecture to IAEA fellows.

Mr. Mamun Mia IAEA fellow.


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Dr. Strong on a visit to the BBC museum