Overseas Lecturer (IAEA Expert Mission)



The Bangkok Biomaterial Center had requested the International Atomic Energy Agency  for the recruitment and assistance of international experts to deliver lectures on advance topics in tissue banking. One of the experts requested by the center to the Agency was Dr. William Tomford Messachussets General Hospital USA.  The agency informed the Center about submission of Dr. William Tomford as an expert lecturer. Accordingly the visit was finalized from 16th _20th October 2000.

LECTURE TOPICS OF Dr. William Tomford

1. History of tissue banking

2. Donor selection and tissue recovery

3. Disease transmission through aloograft

4. Radiation sterilization

5. Bone healing and remodelling

CONCLUSION: The lectures delivered by Dr. Khan during his expert mission on advance topics of tissue banking especially in human tissue allograft preservation by irradiation, fundamentals of tumor treatment by irradiation and overview on burns and plastic surgery was beyond doubt a great resource of knowledge and experience. Dr. Khan's demonstration of techniques and essential requirements for carrying out tumor treatment by irradiation was highly impressive. The visit helped the Advance Training Course cum Master Degree students and the center's scientists, technicians to learn the advance subjects of radiation sterilization in tissue banking. The visit of Dr. Khan also helped in discussing and clarify queries of research thesis topics for the IAEA fellows. The Center is very grateful to IAEA and Dr. Khan for all the help and co-operation in the dissemination of knowledge.

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Discussion with Police Forensic Department                                       Dr. Tomford delivering lectures during his mission

on tissue recovery


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At the end of expert mission of Dr. Tomford