Overseas Lecturer (IAEA Expert Mission)



The Bangkok Biomaterial Center had requested the Intarnational Atomic Energy Agency vide its letter dated 12.04.1999 for the recruitment and assistance of international experts to deliver lectures on advance topics in tissue banking. One of these experts requested by the center to the Agency was Prof. Rudiger Von Verson, Director- German Institute of Cell and Tissue Replacement, Berlin, GERMANY. The agency vide its letter no: RAS/7/008-07 dated 17.12.1999 informed the Center about the submission of Prof. Von Verson as expert lecturer. Accordingly the visit was finalized from 24th – 28th January 2000.



1. Standards in tissue banking

2. Advance techniques in tissue banking

3. Ethics, social, religious, commercial factors in tissue banking

4. Sperm & bone marrow banking

5. Do’s & don’ts of tissue banking


Observer for the Mini Research Study of IAEA Fellow Mr. Mamun Miah of Bangladesh

Prof. Von Verson was kind enough to be the observer of Mini Research Study “Effect of thawing with relation to time on the mechanical and biological properties of bone allograft” conducted by Mr. Mamun Mia of Bangladesh under the Supervision of Prof. Yongyudh Vajaradul, Course Director. There was a visit to King Mongut Institute of Technology (Thailand’s Premier Engineering Institute) done to conduct mechanical testing study on the allografts.

Special Guest Role during the 1st one day Short Course of “Role of Scrub (Operating Room) Nurses in Tissue Banking”

Prof. Von Verson was also kind enough to deliver a short guest lecture to participant scrub nurses of “Role of Scrub Nurses in Tissue Banking”. This short course was conducted on the 28th of January 2000 at the Bangkok Biomaterial Center. It is the first course in Thailand and in the Region for scrub nurses for training them about procurement, processing, preservation, packaging, dispatch, applications and handling of allografts inside the operating rooms.

This course was also the platform to judge the oration and presentation skills of IAEA Fellows namely Mr. Mamun Mia, Bangladesh and Mr. K. R. Sunanda, Sri Lanka. Both the fellows had been assigned different topics two weeks in advance and were instructed to prepare for the presentation utilizing any or all of the multimedia features of their choice like CD ROM based power point presentation on a computer controlled giant screen, slide projector, OHP projector, video cassette player etc before the audience on the appointed day i.e. 28th January 2000. Evaluation was done by Prof. Von Verson and Prof. Yongyudh Vajaradul.


CONCLUSION: The wisdom with respect to advance topics in tissue banking gained from the visit of Prof. Von Verson was immense. His clarifications on the meaning of quality, quality control, irradiation validation doses, validations and Total Quality Management were indeed very much based on real working environments. His lectures had stressed on the future of tissue banking and the degree of acceptable compromise with standards. He had very perfectly stated the standards to be between ” highest available and lowest possible”. The visit helped the Master Degree students and Center’s scientists, technicians to learn advance subjects of Radiation Sterilization in Tissue Banking in a different perspective. This confidence in itself is a great landmark to the setting up of the first course. The Center is very grateful to the Agency and Prof. Rudiger Von Verson for all the help and co-operation in the dissemination of knowledge.

von-1.jpg (15483 bytes)                                                       von-2.jpg (25870 bytes)

Prof. von Verson delivering lecture  to the fellows                              Prof. Von Verson and Prof. Yongyudh

                                                                                                    observing the mechanical testing study of bone

                                                                                                    allograft of IAEA fellow Mr. Sunanda


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Prof. Von Verson looking at the minute                                    Prof. Von Verson along with fellows and

details of the mechanical testing machine                                other participant of the lecture



von-6.jpg (19675 bytes)

Prof. Von Verson being honoured with a plague of

appreciation by Prof. Vajaradul for his contribution

in the expert lecture