Application of Allograft in Orthopaedic Surgery at Maharat Nakhorn Ratchsima - Live Demonstration of two cases


Surgical procedures were carried out at the Maharat Nakhorn Ratchsima  Hospital, Thailand.  Request for the grafts were placed at the Bangkok Biomaterial Center by the Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeons responsible for the cases. After reviewing the X-rays and following the regular protocol of our center, the grafts were dispatched to the hospital one day in advance. The scheduled date for the surgery was 25th of February 1999. The team from our center left for Nakhorn Ratchsima  at 7.15am and reached the hospital at 11.00 am on the mentioned day to record the surgical procedure. Our team comprised of Prof. Yongyudh Vajaradul - Director, Mr. Reyaz Alam Qayami - Research & International relations co-ordinate, Mr. Pisit Reugniwatsa - Miss Jirapa Playlex - Scientist and  Miss Botan Sripongam - Public relations secretary. It was the first time that Orthopaedic surgery with the application of Bone allograft was done at this hospital and hence the team from our center went to record the procedure and also at the same time help in moral boosting and confidence building in the surgical team over there. The details of the surgery are mentioned below. Both the cases involved the application of allograft in the femur, so it was attempted to use a single classical knee allograft for both the cases. Surgical photos are included in the links.


Case 1    (Click here for surgical photos)

Patient Name  :     Mrs. S. P

Age  :     66 years

Diagnosis :    Arthritis Rt hip

Chief complaint :     Pain while walking

History of complaint :     Fracture neck of femur due to motorcycle accident 2 years ago. Patient was treated with Hemi-arthoplasty and an Austin Moore was put in.

Operative management:     Total Hip Replacement with allograft

Operative time:    2 hrs 20 mins

Operating Surgeon:     Dr. W. K


Case 2    (Click here for surgical photos)

Patient Name  :     Mr M.T

Age  :     48 years

Diagnosis :    Non Union with bone Loss of distal femoral medial condyle. 

Chief complaint :     Extreme pain and immobility of the left femur.

History of complain :     Fracture of distal femoral medial condyle due to car crash accident.

Operative management:     Allograft with internal screw fixation.

Operative time:    1 hrs 20 mins

Operating Surgeon:     Dr. S. Tt