Surgical procedure in the ENT department was carried out at the Ramathibodi Hospital, Bangkok..  Request for the grafts were placed at the Bangkok Biomaterial Center by the Dr. Chanida K - Consultant ENT Surgeon responsible for the case. After reviewing the X-rays and following the regular protocol of our center,  Deep frozen Rib cartilage allografts were dispatched to the hospital on the  day of surgery. The scheduled date for the surgery was 21st of April 1999. The team from our center left for Ramathibodi hospital and after managing through the usual traffic congestion of Bangkok reached the hospital in time at 10.30 am. The group consisted of  Mr. Reyaz Alam Qayami - Research & International relations co-ordinate and  Mr. Sahachart Makdilog - Assistant. The team from our center went to record the procedure. Details of the surgery are mentioned below.

Patient Name  :     Master. P.T

Age  :     16 years

Diagnosis :    Congenital malformation of the right Ear. No presence of right Ear. However hearing by the left ear sufficient.

Chief complaint :     Cosmetic deformity of the ear.

History of complaint :  Malformation of the rt ear by birth.

Operative management: Incision around the ear in the margin of a normal ear. Implantation of Allograft in the epidermis below the loose ear lobe and cosmetic suture    to appear as the orignal ear.

Operative time:    1 hour

Operating Surgeon:     Dr.C.K


(Click on the links below to see the photos)

Fig 01: Pre-Operative view of Congenital malformation of the left Ear.

Fig 02: Pre-Operative view of Allograft being aligned to plan the implantation.

Fig 03: Operative site being made ready for incision.

Fig 04: Incision being made along the margin.

Fig 05: Incision in progress.

Fig 06: Incision in progress.

Fig 07: Trial with the Allograft.

Fig 08: Reduction and starting of suture.

Fig 09: Suture in progress.

Fig 10: Suture completed.


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