The meeting was called on by the Bangkok Biomaterial Center with the following objectives:

1. To strengthen the support for Tissue and Allograft donors and to Promote the Public Awareness Programme in Thailand for volunteer donor registeration.

2. To explore the possiblity for the Master Degree students to join in observing and working during Tissue and Bone retrival from donors at the Morgue of the Institute of Forensic Medicine.

Participants in the meeting:

A) Institute of Forensic Medicine

    1) Pol.Maj.Gen. VITHYA PUNG-PA-PONG - Commander in Cheif

    2) Pol.Col.THAWISAK CHARIPRASOET - Deputy Commander



B) Bangkok Biomaterial Center

    1) Prof. YONGYUDH VAJARADUL - Director

    2) Mr. Reyaz Alam Qayami                    - Research & International Relations co-ordinator

    3) Mr. Pisit. Ruwanvisit                           - Scientifc Incharge

    4) Ms. Saisuree                                       - Administration

    5) Miss. Botan Sirirpong                          - Secretary

    6) Ms. Thayawan                                     - Follow-up Incharge

    7) Mr. Sahachart Makadilog                     - Technician

    8) Mr. Mamun Miah                                 - IAEA fellow - Bangladesh

    9) Dr. Khuat Duay Thai                             - IAEA fellow - Vietnam


The meeting was commenced at 10.30 am at the meeting room of the Institute of Forensic Medicine. It was chaired by Pol.Maj.Gen.Vithya Pung-Pa-Pong. The importance of tissue donation and donor recruitment was highlighted by Prof. Yongyudh Vajaradul. It was also requested to the Institute to support the Center in Tissue and Allograft retrieval and also to allow the Master Degree students to observe and participate in harvesting of tissues. The institute agreed to the request of the center and gave its consent in principle.

The meeting was concluded by Prof. Yongyudh Vajaradul with the special thanks to everybody at the Institute of Forensic Medicine.

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Prof.Yongyudh Vajaradul in conversation with Pol.Maj.Gen.Vithya Pung-Pa-Pong

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The participants of the meeting at The Institute of Forensic Medicine, Royal Thai Police