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Welcome to the Bangkok Biomaterial Center. We are pleased to take you for a virtual tour of our Center and show you our facilities.

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Royal view of Siriraj Hospital across Chao Pharaya River 


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Present building of the center                         Main entrance to the center

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Administration office located at the entrance of the Center    Conference Room                                   


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 Fellow room             Entrance to the laboratories & documentation area

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Documentation Room                                     Orthopaedic Museum


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 Entrance to the processing laboratory       Facilities of the processing laboratory  

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Band Saw for bone cutting     Washing machine

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Incubator                          Ultrasonic Bath (1 liter)                                                              

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Ultrasonic Bath (28 liters)          Autoclave

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+4oC Refrigerator              Ethylene Oxide sterilizer

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Magnetic Stirrer                                             High Temperature Furnace

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  Laminar Air Flow Cabinet             Freeze drying machine      

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Computerized cryopreservation freezer    -150C Ultralow temperature freezer

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Quarantine Freezer (-70oC)             Cobalt 60 Gamma Irradiation plant donated by IAEA